What is Foundations? 

“Foundations” is a 6-week class being offered to anyone at Cornerstone who is interested in learning more about Christian theology, faith, and what it means to be a follower of Jesus.  The class covers a wide array of topics, offering an introduction to the foundational beliefs of Christianity, in a relaxed and unintimidating environment.


When and where does Foundations meet?

The next class has not yet been scheduled. Please check back for new class dates later in 2018.

If you would like to register for the next time the class will be taught, please click here to sign up.


What is Foundations Curriculum?

The outline of the class is as follows:


Week 1 — “Christianity: Why?”

I.               Why Christianity?

II.             How Do We Know That Christianity Is True?


Week 2 — “Jesus: Who?”

III.           Who Is Jesus?

IV.           Why Did Jesus Die?

V.            How Do I Call Jesus My Savior and Lord?


Week 3 — “The Bible: What?”

VI.           Covenant History

VII.         The Bible


Week 4 — “So I’m a Christian: Now What?”

VIII.       Prayer and Faith

IX.           How Does God Guide Us?

X.             Who Is the Holy Spirit?


Week 5 — “Everything Else: Huh?”

XI.          Worship

XII.        Baptism

XIII.       The Lord’s Supper

XIV.      Community and Service

XV.        Purity

XVI.      Theodicy


Week 6 “The End: When?”

XVII.    Eschatology

XVIII.  What Happens When We Die?


The book How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart is listed as “required reading” for the class.  Students are highly encouraged to purchase this book and read the first two chapters prior to Week 3.


Click here to download the class Syllabus.


The class is being led by Cornerstone’s Director of Spiritual Formation, Steven Cole.  For more information, please email Steven at sdcole78@gmail.com.