Day 2 and 3: Every Tribe. Every Tongue. Every Nation.

Day 2: Worship & Sabbath

This morning at church we were blessed to be able to be a part of a dramatically different church service. The El Salvadorian culture was expressed through the way the congregation worshipped, preached and prayed. While during much of the service we couldn't understand a word of what Pastor Renee was teaching on, we were all being moved by the Holy Spirit in our own way. God was present in the room and it was so evident. There were a few songs that were sung in Spanish that we quickly realized were popular worship songs and sung along in English- this was a beautiful experience to worship our same God side by side in different languages.

We gave the new drum set and microphones to the church. They were beyond thankful for the gift from Cornerstone Community Church. 

Sunday was our day of Sabbath. The heat is extreme and it wears on us quickly, so an afternoon of rest was delightful. 

Day 3: Zappatos

This morning we went back to the same village church and sorted through all of the donated clothes. We had a mass of people waiting to get any item of clothing, regardless if it fit. It was humbling to see people willing to take a shirt three sizes too big, just so that they could have another shirt to wear on their body. People were so grateful for any item of clothing and we were blessed to be able to share the love of Jesus by sharing clothes with them.

David passed out the candy to the village children (which is a large task in itself). He was being swarmed by beaming smiling faces yelling "Mas, mas, mas (more, more, more)!". Seeing the interaction between him and the children made our hearts happy.

We had an unexpected radiatior blow this afternoon, but of course God used this time to draw our team even closer together. We played games together and shared a lot of laughs while we waited for a new van to come to us. 

This afternoon, we found ourselves going through the heart of San Salvador. We felt as though we were traveling through a maze, on God's field trip assignment for us. Being able to walk through the market was an experience, there were so many different shops, street vendors, smells and colors - we loved it. We found a little storefront that sold sandals that resemble crocs. With the help of our WONDERFUL church family, we were able to buy 432 pairs of crocs! On Wednesday, we are going to go to two villages to distribute the 432 pairs of new shoes to the beautiful people. Praise Jesus!!

Thank you for your prayers and support. 

We are sending much amor your way,

The Cornerstone El Salvador Team