Nepal Missions Trip 2018

Throughout history, since the beginning, God has been lovingly pursuing humanity and bringing about healing and redemption to a broken world. In Acts 13:47 we are told that we, as Christ followers, have been “made a light… that you may bring salvations to the ends of the earth.”  Jesus’ life, death and resurrection allows us to join God’s mission of bringing peace and redemption to people all over the world. We are called as his church to go, and we are obeying that call by going to Nepal this Spring 2018.

Although our main objective is to be a light in a dark world, we also have some specific objectives for this 10 days trip:

1)     This will be a mission trip of discovery. We know that God has called Cornerstone to go to Nepal, and this is our first trip in being obedient to that calling! We hope this will be a long term vision for the church and will be discovering together how Cornerstone can be impactful not just in 2018, but for the future as well.

2)     We will be ministers to the missionaries and pastors living permanently in Nepal. These are our brothers and sisters that engage with the Nepali population on a daily basis. We are going to partner with them and to help support and strengthen the current ministries they are engaged in.

3)     We will partner with an organization called Tiny Hands. This is a group that “that focuses on intercepting lives from sex trafficking, loving on street children, and finding homes for the orphaned.” This is an opportunity to love the unloved, care for the orphaned, and to work with an organization actively defending the weak and oppressed.

When: March 1st-10th

Who: The trip will be limited to 6 total people due to logistical constraints. We are looking for people who are passionate about living out their faith in a different culture. You don’t need to have missions experience, or even be a world-traveler. All you need is to be passionate about people and be able to show love as God has shown you love.

Where: We will be travelling throughout the country of Nepal to places such as Kathmandu, Butwal, etc.


1)     Fill out an application and submit it by December 17th via email to Decisions on the final roster will be made by December 31st.

2)     An initial deposit of $500 will be required for those accepted to go.